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I guess I just have horrible personal management skills.. -_- but it's okay

I'm ACTUALLY trying to exercise lately!!!!
around 30 min a dayy =)
and I'm not eating much (it's because all my classes are around lunch time and I sleep too late to have an appetite for breakfast)
*I know thats bad and i'm trying to correct it

But hey, at least i'm doing exercise, right? =)
I haven't seen many results yet, but I'm sure i'll be seeing results soon! I'm So sore from exercise today--losing motivation but since it's only half an hour i'm going to keep goin!~ =)

Thanks for people who comment on my posts <3

Lets go go go!
(I'm eating gummy bears RIGHT NOW - I totally fail) 
its been like OVER a month since I last updated...
Well, in the situation I was in for the last month and half, yea, it makes more sense than anything that I wouldn't update...
Life's tough and I guess there isn't anything you can do about it, except to just suck it up and try to do whatever you can to make the most out of it... You'd think that after getting a huge shock that a person would regain motivation, but over and over it doesn't seem to have done anything for me~ That's okay though, I just have to keep motivating myself and maybe one day - it'll all add up and become enough for me to realize my goals =) 

Anyway , I should get back to normal life.. this month has been very..lazy...
and besides, school is starting soon!.. can't seem to get excited over that though lol

-Jump roping 
-Reduce sugar consumption

I'm not really hoping to lose like 940234 pounds in 2 minutes or whatever, but you gotta start somewhere.

And I KNOW im horrible at keeping a blog so.. I'm not going to promise to update daily or whatever, but yea, as much as I can <3

Day 2394802398490252342...................

wow, i'm pretty horrible at this...anyone miss me? (yeah right xD) haha jkjks <3


But! Now for a new start!!!! I'm determined! - as for anyone who stumbles upon this post, please help to motivate me~! <3

Basically, this is the run down of what happened...

I WENT ON VACATION. (yep, that's about it)
well, i haven't really included exams and crazy schedule and ...LAZINESS T^T

I seriously think my lazy cells are abnormally high or something u_u....

So i've realized.. I'm not going to set all these routines for myself......it only becomes overwhelming, and I always give up on it!! >-< it's so unnecessary..

I'm just going to set ONE goal.. (since it is 1/3 into july, I'm going to give myself the rest of the 2/3 of it.. to accomplish ONE goal)


LOSE 5 POUNDS! ( an hopefully, in conjunction 2 inches off my waist ;P)

I'll update u guys when I think of this blog. <3

Thanks everyone <3 <3 <3 

yoga yoga yoga yoga =)


Just when i wanted to start again.......
I get bombarded with endless hours at work..
and so much hw!!! T_T..


Start Again?

 So, I realize I haven't been updating for the longest time...

But I really have to be serious, and be more consistent!

So, I'll be back. On tuesday =P (I'm just going to focus on studying for my exam until then)

I don't even think anyone reads this, but if you do~ Thank you! And <3!!!!



Leave me a comment~!

Leave me a comment - it'll show me that you support me! I hope to succeed this time ^^

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