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Day 2!


I typed a huge blog
and then...pressed back ><

I'll update once a week.. maybe .. or just keep track of everything without a blog..

Anyway =)


So i was just thinking..

I was just looking at how pretty my earlier entries were (from last year OMG - it's been that long?)

And then I compared it to the most recent entries..

WOW my new ones are ugly. Other than filling it up with color  and making everything all huge font, etc.
There's not really much formatting is there~

So tomorrow (if there isn't some crazy group meeting to do last minute corrections on a hugeee project)

I'll set up a "daily diet update" format  =)

I like pretty blogs hehe =D

Okay - I tried. It's hard. I've must have ZERO creative cells in my body. =(
I'll still make some sort of format to make my blogs look neater though =)
Promise!~ =D 

Official Day 1.

 Day 1 !!! again!

Today ~~ I slept a lot. =P
That's alright though, because I was being productive and did .. "some" homework till very very late the night before. 
Unfortunately - after I did all that work, a group member told me today that he had done the same thing at the same time =(
So, we had no choice but to choose one.... so I slept at 5 am for nothing.
Anyway, that's ok, I've let it go already ^^

Weighed myself - and I weigh shockingly heavier than I thought. Oh well - I'll try to not base off weight but rather measurements =)
Ate the CleanseSmart pills =)
Measured myself - with unsatisfactory results xD
Didn't do exercise (no time today really~ had to make dinner and do hw and go return something at the mall -- I kind of speedwalked at the mall if that counts)
Ate a lot of candy (no cookies though...? ^^) but KINDA made up for that by reducing overall calorie consumption
Drank -.. 6 cups of water? (getting there..)
Will sleep at 1:15ish  (improvement from 5 am!!! =D)
Surprisingly didn't eat too many carbs today (too bad sugar is carby too T^T )
I went to the mall but I didn't buy anything! Yay!!

Okay so that's a pretty good day - but I'll have to do lots better in terms of reducing sugar consumption and actually getting some exercise!

My plan is to do some aerobics and then yoga to cool off... I keep thinking running is so boring >< at least aerobics has more variety =)

Repost again tomorrow!

On a side note, I listened to JYJ's "The Beginning" international album, and unfortunately I'm not too fond of it right now... hope it'll grow on me once I hear it a few times. =)


I've told a few people this time~ and I hope I can ACTUALLY start losing weight this time around~

So....it going to take a lot of motivation - I guess I could start by throwing out the cookies in the house.. but that's such a waste.. =(
I'll just give them to my sister - so mean lol =D

Okay, so I will try to post .. idk, every 2 days or more frequently.

Outlining my goals this time: (not just weightloss, it's everything in general..)

1. Go on CleanseSmart detox program for the first 15 days or so (jumpstart?)
2. Measure frequently
3. Do either 
        - Yoga
        - Aerobics
        - Cardio
        - Weight training
 for AT LEAST 30 minutes a day - obviously it's ok to exercise longer than that!
4. Minimize sugar consumption (no sugary drinks, candies, cookies, cakes.. whatever) well - I can't stop completely, but maybe limit to one cookie, two candies, or something like that (just keep it in mind 24/7!)
5. Drink 8 cups of water (I swear this is SO HARD)
6. Sleep more - okay, its 2am right now I completely fail but that's cuz I took a really long nap today...)
7. Stretching before exercising
8. Keep track of weight and heart rate - etc.
9. Eat lots of veggies and REDUCE carbohydrates - I can never stop eating carbs because I love them so~
10. Write weight on a board in my room!

11. Stop shopping (keep thinking you'll be able to wear much nicer stuff soon~)
12. Do well in school.. (gpa gpa gpa)
13. Improve skin - it's horridly dry but breakout prone -_-
14. Learn languages =)
15. Learn about investing
16. Invest ~~ hehe
17. Make my fish eat - he's not eating lately =(

Err.. so ya there's more but I can't think properly right now -_-;;
so ... as long as I've outlined all the weightloss ones..

This time it's for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OOO color!!!




Leave me a comment~!

Leave me a comment - it'll show me that you support me! I hope to succeed this time ^^

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